Sarah + Andrew

So now it is time for my speech

A nightmare to write, I’ve had to rehearse

Different, memorable a change from the norm

I’ve decided to write - the whole speech in verse


A challenging poem I’ve almost got through

Tom set the bar pretty high for video views

Won’t be 10 million hits but the message is true

To my new special wife – it’s all about you


Since the first day we met back in 2009

I wished and I hoped that one day you’d be mine

Your perfect for me, we’re great as a team

We’re stronger each day as we live in this dream


Today’s a big step on the path of our lives

A path that will take us through many lows and highs

As long as I’m with you my life is complete

I love you Mrs Glover is the phrase I'll repeat


So I invite you all to raise up your glass

Fill your jars with some sweeties, it’s dinner at last

A toast I present to the future ahead

Thank goodness you’ll say, we’re about to be fed!